Guitarist wanted for THALL/progressive deathcore

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Hi, people I am a drummer, Bimm student, and I'm looking to start a PROGRESSIVE EXTREME METAL project. The objective is to create extremely dark, atmospheric and ultimately to compete as DARKEST AND HEAVIEST music out there. Some examples are bands like Humanity's last breath, Meshuggah and Black tongue. My personal playing influences also include Vildhjarta and Suicide silence.

Only looking for someone who would share such vision and who is equipped to tune very low. Please NO metalcore, generic death metal, classic heavy metal, hardcore, punk rock, country pop, Reggaeton, etc.

I own a 5 string bass and all the equipment to write, record bass and guitar and program high quality drums, know how to use Logic and have a fair grasp on music theory so the right guitarist would be enough to start recording demos. Will then find the rest of the line-up using such demos as reference. The project is to be considered a SERIOUS one, with aim to gig, TOUR and RELEASE PROFESSIONALLY.

I also have access to FREE REHEARSAL TIME at Pirate studios Earlsfield and even a locker for instruments in there.

Hit me up if that's YOU and you like what you are reading, feel free to ask me more info, WA: 07928586044 Cheers!

Posted by Graz in South West London

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