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Alright I’m singer/lyricist looking who alongside w a good pal on bass and are currently in talks with a drummer to form a sort of crossover multi genre band. Influences are below. Mostly in tune with hard rock, post punk and funk style all interspersed.

We are seeking a guitarist and keys player to join our band. Our drummer we have yet to meet but we are looking all being well to get meet up in the pub first of to have a good chat and get to know each others schedules.

We all work in genrr4sl but will ought look to practice three times a month. I and the bass player have done some rough recordings on garage band app and would like is YOU to add some flavor to them and thus do a few jam sessions and build a strong tight musical unit, IT WONT BE EASY but nothing is and we all really want this.

With hard work and good time we will hit at any affordable recording studios and then play live, for shits and giggles and mostly for the joys of writing songs. We are a mix of 30 somethings and mid 20s.

Must be prepared to commit and be proper punctual no slackers who won’t turn up to rehearsal we are serious about making good music and performing live that is all. If interested reply to this ad send me your email and I’ll send you are tracks then we will organize a meet up. Also send us any links of you performing or playing that would be grand.

Influences include- Alice in chains Tool The Clash Red Hot Chill Peppers Funkadelic The Fall Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Joy Division Minor Threat John Cooper Clarke The Doors Mos def Cypress Hill Nine Inch Nails Ministry


Posted by Jack D in North London

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