Stoner/Grunge/Punk band looking for fuzz lovers!

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I am a guitarist who sing (or a singer who plays the guitar!), 36, based in North West London and at the moment I have several songs “record-ready” so to start booking gigs; and many others to refine, plus loads of riffs and melodies to jam and write together with the right fuzz loving people!

I formed No Plane No Train band during lockdown with the members of the band I had long ago in Italy, and with them I arranged most of the songs, but there are many many more and it is time to bring these songs out, live, here!

Grunge, Stoner, Punk, Desert Rock, Nu Metal...these are the influences on my tunes which I believe are pretty catchy and could get somewhere!

Looking mainly for drummer, so hard to find these guys...but also bass player and a sick guitarist who can riff like crazy! Here some home recordings:

Get in touch! I’m your dude!

  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Guitar

Band: No Plane No Train

Posted by Bill Posters in North West London

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