Vocalist/Front man Wanted

Vocalist/Front man Wanted

We are The Boomsticks a gigging and recording originals rock/punk band based in London. Unfortunately one of our vocalists has now decided it is time to step down. Below in the advert are YouTube links to our E.Ps (might be worthwhile checking out more than one track because if one track doesn't grab you another one might.....) Further links are attached to the advert.

Bravado E.P

Anxiety E.P

On The Dance Floor E.P

Some older songs will need to be learnt that we still play in setlists etc but we are about to start work on new material so you would be involved going forward! You can find other releases and E.Ps on our YouTube channel, Spotify, SoundCloud etc etc We rehearse weekly at Pirate Studios in Earlsfield and our average age is 40 for anyone curious to know. You can also find and contact us on all social media platforms as well as on here, so feel free to get in touch!

The Boomsticks

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Band: The Boomsticks

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